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Consulting services


Market analysis

We offer rapid and complete and personalized services to strengthen their operations in global emerging markets through:

  • Market analysis and growth potential
  •  Organization of national webinars and seminars
  •  Representation and promotion of specific sectors in high growth countries
  •  Organization of commercial missions
  •  Individual support program for companies.


  • A full range of strategic and investment consultancy to accelerate international growth:
  • International strategic planning
  • Business development
  • Recruitment services, human resources and – pay slips
  •  Office hosting
  •  Incorporation, accounting and tax support
  •  Joint venture  

Start Up

  • We offer customized solutions that combine support needed to
    facilitate company formation.
  •  Assistance in setting up companies
  • Financial services
  • Domiciliation of companies
  •  Accounting management
  •  Territorial marketing and development of commercial network
  • Organization of events, fairs and seminars

How do we operate?

The process of managing a project successfully is not only rewarding, but a key factor for growth and productivity. We consider all aspects of a project taking into account time and change management, flexibility, planning, coordination, relationships and personal factors. The success of a project lies in the ability to predict risks in order to implement preventive measures. To this end, we offer a complete service that represents your interests and we establish effective communication by offering assistance and advice even from a distance.

Cognitive meeting

The first contact is important in order to create the right approach to understand your needs and for this we also offer remote online consultations.

team project

Analysis and planning

We identify the services that can be combined or chosen separately according to your needs, by programming each phase.


In each development phase we apply specific strategies, monitoring and supporting you during all aspects of the operational phase.